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Simpliessentials Garlic Peeler Silicone Garlic Skin Remover Roller (Green)

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Material Silicone
Color 5 Colors
Brand Simpliessentials
Product Dimensions 5.5″L x 1.38″W
Item Weight 9.07 Grams
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✔ | CREATIVE DESIGN | – The bumps in the garlic peeling tube increases the friction and makes it easy to peel the garlic. The hole near the edge of the peeler is especially crafted so that the garlic peeler can be hung easily to save space.



✔ | HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL | – The garlic peeler is made of flexible food grade silicone material, can be peel your garlic cloves in seconds with these convenient garlic pressers and no abnormal odor, staining or chemicals leaching into your cloves.


✔ | EASY TO USE | – Just cut off the head of the garlic and place the garlic cloves into the tube, then rub with your hands and roll back and forth, then shake peels out of the tube into the trash and rinse it under your faucet without any garlic odor left on hands, fingers, cutting board, or countertop.



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